TWash, studio, June 2015, ©.



How I paint and what I paint are the same thing. These paintings stem from life experiences.

Autobiographical shards of narratives become visual icons on the canvas. Later the painting can live on outside the confines of the studio. They take on new meanings as they are interpreted over and over. Paintings can be reflexive of certain topics, but do not speak. The work can operate under more than one principle. They can catch, hold, and contain an idea, but they do not have to communicate it. Paintings also operate formally. There are no clear truth or falseness to the paintings. Creating new visions, fresh tasks, constructing contemporary paintings that stump the curious and frustrate the relaxed. Painting is an exchange of contradictory ideas.

My Paintings have a authentic individuality. By Thinking deep, I dove to a place that is vulnerable. I took the risk, by doing this, it gave me valuable insight.  Depending on the depth of authenticity, is on how far I was willing to dig. It is important to place ideas and questions on the paintings, and receive answers through the creative process. Try to find out  something never seen before; for that reason, failures can be interesting.    Discovering weird gestures and forms. It’s rare to find something that is considered weird. Inspect what each painting has to offer. Choose and scrutinize on what can be developed further. For me painting means capitalizing on opportunistic risks, embracing the end result, whatever it maybe, success or failure. It is trying to understand the irony: How a failed move made the work successful?

There is no clear truth of falseness to the work. Though they appear complete, the paintings represent transitional stages rather than endpoints. The artwork can stand alone, especially where questions of influence are concerned. Working in a classic abstractionist style based on a responsiveness to a contemporary shift. Exploring, testing technique, familiarity of mediums. Mistakes are inevitable with a methodology, this elevates trial and error. This practice can be carried on and refined over a lifetime. Conversations are boundless, in art anything can happen and can change, as in life.