studio shot 1 2017

Tira Walsh, studio shot, painting, 2017. ©



The paintings are descriptions of corruptions, manipulations, a disrupted virus that authentically generate visuals of displacement. The themes of idiosyncratic dialect, discourse and adjacency of appropriation forms the painting and portrays the artist in life. With an attitudinal, factory painterly craft, the artist synthesized these strands into complex allusive and elusive images. The Paintings represent authentic autobiographical visual narratives that stem from life experiences; (A)n approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the object of direct experience. (Fallico, 1962)  Each individual painting will have its own unique meaning. As in life, the paintings are a response of disorientation, confusion or dread in an apparently futile, irrational world. The works deliver a reply as visually authentic as possible. The sequence of paintings seek to inhabit the uneasy coexistence of the internal workings of the mind and being in the world. It is intended the works operate as free agents. Each work will provoke responsive decisions that determine the will of its own development. With provocation from the artist it is hoped that the works might embody the existential manifestation “which emphasizes the existence of the individual as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of will”. (Fallico, 1962) 

Later the painting can live on outside the confines of the studio and take on new meanings as they are interpreted over and over. Paintings can be reflexive of certain topics, but do not speak. There are no clear truth or falseness to the paintings. By creating new visions, fresh tasks and working in a classic abstractionist style based on a responsiveness to a contemporary shift. Conversations are boundless, in art anything can happen and can change, as in life.