Statement of Intent-July 2015

Challenge yourself to create new, more supportive beliefs even if on the surface you didn’t believe them.

The aim is not about making final paintings, nor is it, the possibility of creating something ‘bad’ concealing ‘good’, the intention is a finished depiction that can stand alone on its own distinction.

Take all learnt acknowledgments and combine it all into studio.

Reaffirm the importance of a drawing practice.

Maintain an inventive and substantive studio practice by taking it to an extended level of maturity.

Keep confidence up by referring to the nominated territory of practitioners.

Take stock all that I have learned and combine all out comes into my studio practice. I will maintain my working knowledge of visual attributes; compositional aspects of my chosen colour, tonal application of media, form and format will be obvious. Creating series and generating in-depth visual investigation will evolve into generational series of resolved works. Drawing and studio production are two entirely different operations, they serve two different functions. Keep focused and dig away in the contemporary practitioners’ arena that I see my practice in.

Drawing practice will operate as a totally different function to studio. I will not get to decide anything-it is to be of little importance, its function is to be of little weight and time. Slow down productivity and make critical decisions. This will advance the drawing practice and a digital component will be included.

Maintaining focus and aspirations within studio. Keep level-headed and always refer back to this statement. Manage time well. Priorities are important to attain success. Intuition will be on point. Keep a sustained solid performance. Always refer to what you know and what has been learned, this will create success.  Sit back and clearly identify further possibilities you can take your visual language further. This principal will be encourage to process a visual resource to further an interest.

Keep aiming to increase studio confidence. Access and process visual resources. Continue to explore other practitioners whom have the same visual interests. Researching professional practitioner and theoretical concerns around the chosen territory, i.e. provisional painting, abstract. Reading, looking, preparing, constructing, executing, talking, gathering, become more prolific in all aspects of studio practice.

Confident will build within studio works, at this point, take a risk. This will give diversity to studio. Exploring a digital component to studio may evolve works to a greater achievement.