Drawing will operate in a totally different operation.  It will look different to studio and will serve a vastly different function. With drawing I will not get to decide anything-it will function to confuse, confound, play, be of little importance’s, of little weight and time, therapy, anything and everything. But really, I will not give it too much thought. This will bring you to recognising unanticipated opportunities. I will be able to introduce these ideas into my studio works.


Having the understanding of what was required in terms of my drawing practice I felt  totally disconnected to my works.  Over a period of time I had forgotten the aesthetic worth of drawing.   With my drawing practice I found it hard not to get to decide anything which in retrospect I became confused.  I was mentally drained and I tried to find a connection to what my drawing practice entailed.  I had to retrain a learned behaviour as it didn’t relate to my work ethics but, this gave me an appreciation of how drawing can function on its own merit and inform my studio practice.

Everything has its own value and it’s up to the individual to know its worth.