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Art in America, David Ostrowski, p165, February 01, 2015.  -“Failure paintings” 2011.  Review: Ostrowski paints quickly and instinctively.  Mediums description-roughly applied spray paint and fast drying lacquer. Mistakes are inevitable with his methodology (this elevates trial and error to the rank of aesthetic principals). Featuring errant marks, visible corrections and sloppy smear of color.  Aesthetic of error have permeated his display strategy compromising the viewers ability to see the works in their entirety. Looking for the wrongness of the works.

Art Forum, David Ostrowski, p260, Suzanne Hudson. Review: makes the most of ‘flow forms’.  Surfaces revel situations. Quick paint application. Studies with Albert Oehlan.

Art in America, Keltie Ferris, March 11, Carol Diehl. Review: Using spray paint, metallic-to make their works look cool and more current. Feeling of spirit of gravity and 80’s revival. Environment around her can have a influence on her work, ie: worn off graffiti around her building. Description of works are vibrant, pulsating abstractions.  Influences are Ross Bleckner, Mondarian and formalism.  Description of the works as being a cosmic order and realms beyond the senses.

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Artforum International, Rebecca Morris, p228, May 2011. Manifesto- For Abstractionist and Friends of the Non-Objective. Medium use of oil and spray paint. Description: this faux-precious finish adopts the form of a banded, irregular, straight-sided field that neatly skirts various forms. Her seniors, fellow artists: Mary Heilman, Jonathan Lasker and Fiona Rae. Her works suceeds in avoiding its own peculiar and elusive appeal.



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Lee Krasner-A Catalogue Raisonne, Ellen G. Landan. (Abstract Expressionism:The Formative Years) Family-identity problem, born Brooklyn, “too independent-minded”. Krasner seemed to develop typically masculine traits.  Even though she was known to be arrogant, she knew when to accept influence.  One of the main artistic principals she and pollack shared was an intense desire to participate in a personal colloquy with art they admired. Both believed this world stimulates their own powers of invention. “art comes from art and is influenced by art” -Lee Krasner. Lee works characterized more positively that her creativity was primarily dialogic, skillful reading-or even deliberate reading of the innovations of others.  Clement Greenberg-late 1930’s stated- “that Lee Krasner had the best eye in the country for the art of painting”

Vitamin D2-New Perspective in Drawing, Phaidon.  Abstract exploration, of the formal and aesthetic properties offered by the medium. Drawing, is in fact of more vital importance and of greater urgency precisely in these formerly overlooked area of global art world.  Drawing is an essential vehicle for addressing and interacting with the world today.  Drawings are often produced in series or groups, in spurs and fits, with false starts and unclear endings.  Valuing drawing for their immateriality for the insights they offer into the process of the creative act, in drawing we seek the truth, not power.  Shift in how drawing media changed by the mid-1950’s of the abstract expressionism artist. Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg- helped introduce a more procedural approach to mark-making, deriving from the application of systemic processors and the mediums material qualities. 1960’s experimental drawing practice has been established.  A radical reconfiguration of already existing imagery and opened drawing up to a work of alternate visual registers. Hoptmans Exhibition featured gestural artist: John Currin, Julie Meheretu, Kara Walker, Laura Owens. They see drawing as: “idealization’  practice. Idealization is described ‘they depict something that has been imagined before it is drawn, as opposed to being found through the process of making’-Laura Hoptman, Drawing Now:Eight Proposition, MoMA NY, 2002, p.12.

Vitamin D2-New Perspective in Drawing, Phaidon, Charline von Heyl-Drawing Practice: her drawing practice has developed a distinctive voice, her drawing practice mirrors her painting practice. Realizing she has two working environments, the drawings are based on experimentation’s, happy accidents, surprising interactions, and jarring Juxtapositions. Her process started off with photocopying images over top of gestural images, she then applied her interest, eg: illustrations, pop icons and used this as her resource to develop her drawing practice. Then manipulating, rearranging and dividing images up, she found this process to be a useful tool to produce her painting practice. Her rationale for this creative process was that, this gave her a ‘brutal’ attachment from her painting practice. After years of manipulating her drawings, von Heyl decided to go back to freehand drawing. Most of her drawings now are actually ‘real’ drawings again. She evolved her decade long drawing focus, she has developed her own language and now is able to create the vocabulary all by hand.

Mary Heilman-To Be Someone

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Pinterest is an essential resource for my practice, it is an excellent visual reference tool.

2016, Practice Visual Resource

Rebecca Morris

Charline von Heyl

Britton Tolliver

Jana Schroder

Trudy Benson


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White Night, Auckland City, Saturday 12 March.

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