These examples of artist whom could be considered as provisional painters of the present, Raoul De Keyser, Christopher Wool and Albert Oehlan- David Rubinstein, Raphael. “Provisional Painting.” Art in America (May 2009): 122-135.

The  following articles provide me with understandings and how I maybe able to fit in this genre within my practice.

Brooklyn Rail, 2011. Artseen Abstract Painting- The new casualists

Art in America Magazine, Provisional Painting, Part 2

Brian Dupont, Provisional Explanation


10 Emerging Contemporary Artists. By Christian Rosa -This is where I first discovered the works of Jeff Elrod

Provisional Painting -A overview resource for artist, articles, explanations and examples of provisional painting.

Artsy -While searching online about Jeff Elrod I came across Joe Reihsen, his colour combinations are alluring and the scale of his works, I was interested in him straight away.

Artsy-10 New Artist in Abstract Painting, by Francesca Gavin -This gave me the resource to search for these artist- Kika Karadi, Kadar Brock, Molly Zuckerman Hartung, Scott Treleaven, Liam Everett and Andrew Holmquist.

New American Paintings. 14 Artists 2 Watch 2014 -Blog: These gave me fellow artist such as-Lucy Dodd, Leo Gabin, Gregor Hildebrandt, Rebecca Morris, Jess Willenbring and Donna Nelson.

10 American Painters under 40 -This article intrigued me, it made me see the works of contemporary artist that are around my age. it gave me an insight to what arena in the abstract painting I can see myself in.

The Best Contemporary Paintings Now-on View in NYC Art Galleries -A quick look at what is happening around the NYC galleries in May 2015. Jacqueline Humphries, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Motherwell and Scot Treleaven.


Oranges and Sardines-Conversations on Abstract Paintings, Garrey Garrels. -3 abstract artist I am interested in: Mary Heilmann, Amy Sillman and Christopher Wool. Who they are inspired by, influences, exhibitions and commentary’s on their practices.

Julie Mehrutu -Drawings. -drawing practice only, examples, influences, culture, commentary.

Failure, Documents of Contemporary Art, Whitechapel Gallery.

Abstraction, Documents of Contemporary Art, Whitechapel Gallery.

Albert Oehlen, Taschen.


TWash pinterest account -Pinterest is an essential resource for my practice, it is an excellent visual reference tool.

Artist in particular I am intrigued with, from Feb-June 2015:

Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool-Drawings

David Ostrowski

David Ostrowski-Drawings

Jeff Elrod

Kelti Ferris

Rebecca Morris

New Zealand Artists:

Judy Millar

Stella Corkery

Artist from July-Nov 2015

Drawing-Joanne Greenbaum

Drawing-Albert Oehlen

Drawing-Laura Owens

Drawing-Julian Schnabel

Drawing-Heather Day

Drawing-Charline von Heyl

Drawing-Amy Sillman

Trudy Benson

Square Compositions

New Zealand Artists:

Amber Wilson

Adrienne Vaughan

Hugo Lindsay


Artcity NY-Kelti Ferris -Art studio works, her practice, establishing connections, NYC is the focal point for art, major decisions are made in NYC.

Kelti Ferris has a show, New York Close up. Art 21. -Preparing for a solo show, look and view her studio space, how a show is distributed and exhibited.

Kelti Ferris, Spray Paints in Solitude, New York Close up, Arts 21 -Isolation, how works reflect your environment, studio process, whom you get inspiration from, anxiety’s and pressures.


Brad Novak-New Pop Blood

Judy Millar-Gow Langsford Gallery, Proof of Heaven.

Billy Apple-Auckland Art Gallery

Max Gimbett-Gow Langsford Gallery, Sea of Dragons.

Dick Frizzle-Gow Langsford Gallery, Up the Road.

Mark Braunias- Bath Street Gallery, Herbert Goon.

Dale Frank-Gow Langsford, 2015.

Jon Tootil- Corbans Estate Art Gallery, Porotaka.

Paul Walsh

Group Exhibition-Shane Cotton, Steve Carr, Seraphine Pick- MIchael Lett Gallery.